Vitamix, the most versatile blender one will ever own.

This amazing innovation all started in 1921 when Mr. William Grover Bernard started to sell modern kitchen products. He was learning a lot about food and health throughout his journey or selling as he was helping a good friend of his through an illness. Throughout this time, his company became more focused on the benefits of good food and health as his interest in the subject grew. He was introduced to the blender in 1937, by which he was amazed at how quickly it processed foods. At this time he changed the name of his company from The Natural Food Institute to Vita-Mix, Vita meaning “life” to focus more on a machine for a healthy lifestyle.

The Vitamix has continued for years as a family run business with a major focus on using whole foods and creating healthy meals with one machine. In 1969, the Vitamix 3600 was introduced which gave consumers the option to blend ice creams, make hot soup, grind grains and knead bread. The machine became a commercial blender in 1985 as the fist high-performance blender for food service. (Vitamix, 2014)

This machine has gone through numerous changes, upgrades and models. The Bernard family has worked through generations creating recipes, which work for the machine that are healthy and follow their belief of the health benefits from consuming whole foods. They have many different machines with different levels of power suitable for either home use or commercial.

The Vitamix falls into the category of an innovation, as it is an upgrade of a blender. It takes everything that a blender can do to another level. They have engineered the traditional blender to be the most versatile and useful tool in the kitchen. For this machine to be considered high-performance for a commercial kitchen is a big accomplishment. Chefs are very particular about their products and the quality they produce. This is one machine that chefs are consistently praising and using for numerous dishes in the kitchen.

This innovation is one of the best machine’s my family owns. For me personally, I love a machine that saves time and proves to be consistent. I use this machine for all it’s worth. I’ve made soups (it cooks from cold to hot, amazing!) made nut butters, dressings, smoothies, purees, chopped and the list goes on. It may seem like a regular blender but the power this machine has, is unrivaled.   The Bernard family created a machine to lead a healthier lifestyle with ease and this machine does exactly that!



(Information retrieved from Vitamix Website

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